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     The department was originally called "​​Department of Language and Literacy Education", and was established on August 1 1987, to nurture small  language teaching and language teacher professional competence for the purpose .

     On August 1 2006, with the school development plan, considering whole educational environment and social national manpower needs , restructuring non- Department of Teacher Education , changed its name to "​​Department of Chinese Language and Literature " to train Chinese professionals for the purpose of setting up.


     The department develops multiple intelligences and multilingual capabilities within a foundation of humanization. The curricula follows the progress of society, and our academic exchanges with overseas universities helps to cultivate a global perspective among students.


     The department for students of character , academic research laid the foundation for curriculum design, in addition to the compulsory core courses, electives offer multiple choices . Liberal and attend freshman courses in this department  ; sophomore getting soaked course in this department ; junior , four courses pay special attention to the deepening of critical thinking and research skills; and regularly hosts a variety of international and national seminars, literary camps, calligraphy exhibitions , language achievement exhibitions , etc., to provide students with the opportunity to participate in various activities to achieve the depth of learning in different contexts , to be able to combine academic period   , and promotion of the arts rooted to implement the design department aims and educational goals.

     The department expects students to know what position they are in , and what they should do , where they want to go, and how to maintain their own power to move forward .


     The Department of Chinese Language and Literature is devoted to training students as highly cultivated citizens in an atmosphere of both skill and virtue. The undergraduate teaching goals are for students to attain:
1. Knowledge of classical and modern literature.
2. Language ability and knowledge of its application.
3. Literacy in traditional and modern cultures.
The graduate teaching goals are for students to obtain:
1. Mastery of scholarly research methods and tools.
2. An in-depth understanding of Chinese literature and related issues.
3. An in-depth understanding of Chinese languages and related issues.
4. An in-depth understanding of Chinese thought, philosophy, and related issues.